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These pages are dedicated towards exploring and role-playing in the ancient world. This began as a mirror site for the original pages at Ancient Sites. I am now active on Panhistoria under several personas.

These pages are written from the viewpoint of an ancient librarian, named Mariamne Philemon, and her half-sister, Damaris Alexandros, who lived in 67 A.D.

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This site has information about the literature, geography, and personal names of the ancient world.

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The Panhistoria-inspired webpages of my sister and I have grown:

The World of Ancient Kemet (Egypt)

Head south to Kemet (Egypt). Kemet is represented by:

Ancient Egyptian Market.

Tjaneferet's Fruit and Vegetable Stand.

Ta-Sety, 1st Nome of Upper Egypt.

Herui, 5th Nome of Upper Egypt.

Ta-Wer,8th Nome of Upper Egypt.

See the finest city of the 8th nome: Abydos.

Khent-Abt, 14th Nome of Lower Egypt.

Takhaet's Pages (Trader's Market, Scribal Shops, Port, and information on the 5th and 8th nomes of Upper Egypt).

The World of the 16th to 19th Centuries

Cuzco Cafe (this is a fantasy micunahuasi or food house that is written as if there were such things in Cuzco in the 1500s)

Mariamne Philemon's Cloth Store (Set in the Early United States of America)

Mariamne's Cookshop (Ready-made food from Colonial Charleston)

St. Joseph's Bakery and Coffeehouse (Set in 1779 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

South Farthing Coffeehouse (Set in 1779 London, England)

The White Rose of York Coffeehouse (Set in 1779 York, Virginia)

Baggins Herbal Gardens (Set in 1893, New Zealand)

Cecily the Chef (Set in 1893, New Zealand)

The World of Science Fiction

Then, for something completely different:

Babylon 5

Abbai Cuisine

Cafe of the Universe, inspired by Babylon 5

Jasba Cafe (Narn home cooking)

Little Gaia Restaurant

Turhana's Fusion Cooking

Galactic Book Haven, a bookstore in the Babylon 5 universe.

Lord of the Rings

Shire of the Hobbits, a website that explores the universe of Tolkien from the point-of-view of the hobbits.

And here are two hobbit restaurants:

Tower of Mushrooms

Tastes of Arda - the Westmarch Inn's dining hall ("the finest dining hall in the 4th Age of Middle Earth")


Amalda the Chef Bakery

Golden Biscuit Restaurant


Abydos in History and Stargate, a website about Stargate.

Star Trek

Great Bird of the Galaxy 1, a cafe from the time of classic Star Trek.

Great Bird of the Galaxy 2, a cafe from the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Star Wars

All Planets Market - Thebeon 8 Stall, Thebeon 8's stall at the open air All Planets Market on Coruscant.

Brosi Liande Bakery, a Star Wars bakery with a focus on favorites from the Corporate Sector and the Core Worlds.

Galactic Cantina and Grill, a cantina from the Star Wars universe.

Galactic Zoo, Coruscant's Galactic Zoo from the Star Wars universe.

Hasennan Cafe, a historic Coruscanti Star Wars restaurant.

House of Yupanqui Shop - Embassy Mall, a shop selling high end wares in the Star Wars universe.

Hydian Way Tapcafe, a tapcafe filled with Hydian Way and pan-galactic favorites..

Mud Oceans Cafe at the Royal Icqui Aquaria, a Star Wars cafe in Coruscant's Royal Icqui Aquaria.

Narsoom Cafe, a Barsoomian-inspired Star Wars cafe.

Tah-doo-Een-e Market Cafe, a Jawa market cafe.

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